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Omni Ol stimulates the circulation thereby kick-starting the body’s own repair mechanism resulting in reduced inflammation and increased joint mobility. Omni Ol has been developed to relieve pain without the side effects or risks associated with traditional methods of pain relief.

What Is Omni Ol?

Omni Ol is based on a combination of Western Science and Eastern Ayurvedic principles and works by harnessing the healing power of stem cells mainly derived from the rainforest plants.

How does Omni Ol work?

Omni Ol helps to improve both micro and macro circulation, reduce pain, inflammation and bruising, ease physical discomfort, improve mobility and assist healing from injury.

February 2019: Raynaud’s Awareness Month


Omni Ol Giveaway

We’re giving away FIVE bottles of 12ml Omni Ol (value £32) each week during Raynaud’s Awareness month.

Active ingredients help:

  • stimulate circulation
  • relax stiffness
  • reduce inflammation
  • increase mobility
  • assist in the healing process

Conditions Omni Ol can help:

  • Raynaud’s (cold hand syndrome)
  • arthritic symptoms
  • back and neck pain
  • repetitive strain injury
  • muscular aches,
  • inflammation
  • bruising


  • I started using Omni Ol on my feet as soon as the cold weather hits me. I used it after a bath, morning and night and was careful to keep my feet warm. I must admit it does work! I haven't suffered painful foot cramps since using Omni Ol.

  • As soon I massaged Omni Ol into my hands I could feel them feeling getting warmer but without the excruciating thawing pain that I normally suffered. My hands felt relaxed and normal within a few minutes. Even when I go out in the cold, a couple of drops of Omni Ol stops the awful pain I usually experience when the attack fades. Using Omni Ol has helped me when drugs couldn't!

  • Can def recommend this as my daughter has used it and reaped its benefits..👍

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